Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016


Your Moon

Every day
People go by
Some of them I just notice
Without even saying "hi".
But some of them
Will stuck in head
And I will regret
All things I haven't said
But wanted to.
And that was like the day
When I noticed you.
I've seen you
Walking past the riverside.
It was a good day
With sunshine so bright.
But you were unhappy 
I could tell from your face
Which probably hides your thoughts
Running through a no-exit maze.
I don't know
What you are thinking about,
But I could guess without a doubt,
That this is the reason
For heavy curtains covering your soul,
Making your mind
Become a black shaded hole.
Your favourite,
Is the colour of the night
But it slowly takes over
And you are afraid.
I wish I could tell you
That for every shadow in the dark
There is a light that tears them apart.
And if you once can see no sun,
I will be there
To be your someone
To set a fire,
To brighten black shades
And to luminate
Behind obscure facades.
I will reflect
The hope and happiness of the sun
If it will ever hide from you again.
Then you will see me very soon
Cause from now on
I will be

Your moon.

Annekatrin Schulz


  1. Hallo Annekathrin,
    Oh, Poesie in einer Fremdsprache.
    Tiefsinnig und stark geschrieben.
    Viele Grüße von Peter


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