Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016


Please, don't drive so fast

When the lights
Are running a race
And cutting scars
Into the darkness' face,
Everything flies 
Past me
And I can feel
The spinning wheels
Which make my thoughts
Spin also around.
And even
If I close my eyes
I can hear the awful sound
Of my mind bursting,
Memories spreading
In every direction.
No satisfaction.
Breath stuck in my throat
And a heart beating fast,
I only can hope
That this will not last
Longer than my body can resist.
And I can tell
I really hate
Sitting there without motion
But moving rapid.
I feel like I'm drowning
In my own twisting thoughts
And it gets even harder
With lights quickly flying past
My window,
So for the last time I ask

Please, don't drive so fast.

Annekatrin Schulz


Pau hat gesagt…

Das hast Du wirklich sehr schön geschrieben! ❤️❤️❤️
Liebste Grüße,

Annekatrin hat gesagt…

Dankeschön! :-)

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