Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016


Your Moon

Every day
People go by
Some of them I just notice
Without even saying "hi".
But some of them
Will stuck in head
And I will regret
All things I haven't said
But wanted to.
And that was like the day
When I noticed you.
I've seen you
Walking past the riverside.
It was a good day
With sunshine so bright.
But you were unhappy 
I could tell from your face
Which probably hides your thoughts
Running through a no-exit maze.
I don't know
What you are thinking about,
But I could guess without a doubt,
That this is the reason
For heavy curtains covering your soul,
Making your mind
Become a black shaded hole.
Your favourite,
Is the colour of the night
But it slowly takes over
And you are afraid.
I wish I could tell you
That for every shadow in the dark
There is a light that tears them apart.
And if you once can see no sun,
I will be there
To be your someone
To set a fire,
To brighten black shades
And to luminate
Behind obscure facades.
I will reflect
The hope and happiness of the sun
If it will ever hide from you again.
Then you will see me very soon
Cause from now on
I will be

Your moon.

Annekatrin Schulz


Peter Dr. Posse hat gesagt…

Hallo Annekathrin,
Oh, Poesie in einer Fremdsprache.
Tiefsinnig und stark geschrieben.
Viele Grüße von Peter

Annekatrin hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank, Peter! :)

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