Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017


Think Outside The Frame

We all need
Something to hold on to
And so we keep
What our minds once drew.

A picture stuck in brains.
A picture that contains
An idea of how the world has to be.
Something we can compare to
What we actually see.

And not rarely
We restrict to this
One ideal cause it is
Easier for us.

But then we just
Don't realise
Someone telling us lies.

We don't
Take a look beyond
The border we built around
The image in our head.

In our head, 
Where we should have
A collection of different images instead.

Because we must realise
That we have to interrogate,
To sometimes see the world
From a different view, 
through somebody else's eyes.

And whenever you make up
Your own opinion next time.
Then force your brain to

Think outside the frame

Annekatrin Schulz

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